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Free delivery above $60

GET 20% OFF code:GOSG80

Free delivery above $60

GET 20% OFF code:GOSG80

Free delivery above $60

Return Policy

  •  What conditionsmust be met to apply for a return?

1.  Please contact our customer service within 7 days uponreceiving of your order.

2. Must be returned in their original packaging with tags stillattached, that remain unopened and notdefaced.

  • What conditionsapply to returns purchased through the GOPOWER website

1. Defective or damaged item

2. Incorrect item from the initial order

3. Expired item


  • What should I do if I receivedefective, incorrect, or expired item?

Please contact customer service by email or WHATSAPP and provide thefollowing information, and we will assist you.

1. Order number

2. Original receipt

3. Photographs and short description ofthe received package or item


  •  What should I do if I receive a package with visible damagefrom the Home Delivery Express or the 7-Elevenpick up?

Please sing for the package,do not reject it. Take photos and contact customer service, and we will provideyou with assistance.


  • Can I return a product if I no longerwant it?

We offer an exchange service,but the return delivery fee of S$10 will be borne by you.

  • Can I change/edit my orderafter my order has been confirmed?

Once you have received anorder confirmation message, your order has been processed and no furtherchanges can be made.

Check on your items, quantity and prices in your shopping cart, to ensure they are correct, before proceedwith checkout.


  • Can I cancel my order?

You will not be able tocancel your order once you have confirmed payment. 

  • What should I do if I find leave wrong shipping address orcontact information?


  • If I haven't received the package, can Iapply for a refund?

Shipping delays might becaused by peak period, traffic challenges, or natural disasters. If you haven't received the package after 7 business days,please contact customer service.


  • Why cannot approve my refund request?

1. You did not report to customerservice within 7 days after receiving a damaged package/item.

2. For hygiene reasons, we don’t accept returns on bottles/straw unless they areunopened.

3. For stock reasons, we don’t accept returns on itemsbought at promotional/clearance prices.


  • What is the process after receiving myapplication?

GOpower will always try tomake sure that items delivered to you are of a good condition. However, whenreceive your application, we will send you an email to inform you of the following process.


After application have been approved,will coupons and discount vouchers be refunded?

Coupons and discount vouchershave a 90-days limited time, and you can check expiry dates on membershipcenter.


When will I receive my refund?

Your refund should bereturned to your account within 7 business days and we’ll send you an email tolet you know the processes.

If you don't receive yourrefund and it's been 15 working days since you received our email, then you'llneed to contact our customer service through your account.


How will we do if the refund be unableto refundto your account?

If your credit card isexpired, or the bank is closed, then we will refund with vouchers to yourmembership account.



Will credit be refund to my accountafter applicationhas been approved?

If you make an order with my credit,that will be refunded to your membership account, after being approved.


Still need help?

Contact us by whatsapp oremail to get assisted support.