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Free delivery above $60

GET 20% OFF code:GOSG80

Free delivery above $60


The most popular whey protein in Taiwan

A startup brand dedicated to nuts and various sports supplements.

When it comes to whey protein, what images come to your mind? Is it a strange and peculiar odor, sweetness that 

numbs the scalp, or do you think only bodybuilders with super-strong biceps can fearlessly gulp it down?

The founder of GOpower, a brand focused on nuts and a variety of sports supplements, is not only an athlete but also 

a gourmet. Frustrated by the lack of delicious whey protein after training, the founder decided to collaborate with a 

dietitian and selected local high-quality farmers to create over 30 protein drinks that combine deliciousness and creativity. 

Popular beverages like Sesame Flavor, Taro Ube Flavor, and Yogurt Flavor have all become signature whey protein 

flavors from GOpower.

Whether you love exotic flavors or classic Taiwanese tastes, GOpower satisfies your taste buds. As a result, it is 

highly favored by the younger sports group.

In recent years, GOpower continues to innovate by introducing ready-to-drink protein energy drinks, energy bars 

with nutty textures, and bold protein bars with added MCT oil. They have also incorporated essential amino 

acids (EAA) to enhance muscle performance, providing a versatile range of sports supplements. The goal is to make 

sports enthusiasts eat happily, train even happier, and achieve their fitness and health goals more effortlessly.

"Target achieved, unlimited energy bestowed." 

On the fitness journey, GOpower is fully committed to supporting you in moving forward with endless energy.